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Ferenc Tumpek industrial folk artist

I have been producing hand-made knives since 1975. I founded my undertaking in 1990 with two characteristic lines, i.e. productions of DNC standard knives and Tumpek knives.

DNC knife

Both the logo and the firm name are derived from the initials of my children and my wife; while the ram-head symbol was selected as both of my children were born in the month of Ram. The knives made by high-standard handwork are valuable articles for expert, curio-hunters and non-professionals. They are made of wide variety of materials in a perfect design. The knives completed show an unmistakable practical design. Each DNC knife is designed with tang tapered towards its end that is called "Taper Tang" in the lingo. The finger guard is made of chromium-steel resistant to acids and rust. The table below offers you detailed information on the sizes, masses and other details. Any insignificant deviations from the data indicated are due to the handwork. Using the table "Special make-up" provides you assistance in setting up your custom-made DNC knife.

Our offer

- 15 types  
- Materials of blade     - 440 C steel
- RWL 34 steel
- CPMT 420 V steel
- Materials of tang      - stag-horn (Sambar) 
- snake-wood  
- desert ironwood  
- grenadill 
- Other materials as required   
- Tumpek knives - individual articles
- artists' knives
- material, design according to individual needs, with ergonomics, decoration and function specified

It is based on the above listed most important individual needs that the knives are composed to adapt them to the artistic standard.

Should you wish to order any of the knives indicated on the web page, please contact me by e-mail !

In case of interest from the USA, inquiries can be made at the following address:

Tumpek Ferenc, 2400 Dunaújváros, Szilagyi Erzsebet ut 20. Hungary
Phone: 0036 30 9270 474